Anger Management Basics-The Cycle The Change The Action Plan

An Anger Management System featuring a never-before-seen Anger Cycle that is simple, effective, and easy to implement.

After watching the promo video, you will learn that this course will help you to pinpoint your challenge areas in your cycle of anger and through the information shared, you will be able to develop a plan for SUCCESS.

Starting with a complete overview of the all-new Emotional Cycle®, this 8-part system goes through each part in-depth and it shows you exactly what happens from the onset of your anger all the way through until the cycle repeats itself. This section alone will give you everything that you need to start overcoming your anger and stop the cycle from happening completely!

But, it doesn't stop there. This section concludes with tasks that are designed to help you identify where you have challenges within your cycle, why you have those challenges, and the types of physical and emotional experiences that you have as a result of your anger.

Section two teaches you about why change is hard and it begins with an explanation about the constant struggle that happens between your mind and your emotions. When your emotions and your mind are not working in tandem, it's generally your emotions that are in control of your decisions and unfortunately, they are what lead you through the emotional cycle. This section will teach you how to get your thinking, your emotions, and your environment in line with each other because together, those three aspects will maximize your success.

The final section for this course gives you the steps for an action plan. The plan is purposefully designed to be simple and easy to implement. Just keep in mind that real change takes consistency and practice. If you take the time to put the plan in place and you consistently work on the plan, then this system will work for you!

Quick overview of what to expect in this Anger Management System Course
Background info on the course and description of why other programs fall short.
Quick overview of the key components to the 3 part system.
How to approach this course.
A trigger or an event ALWAYS starts the Emotional Cycle
Your trigger/event usually escalates to phase 2!
Escalation is what happens when you don't get in control of your thinking.
After you escalate or have an outburst, the end results is the same for everyone
Recovery is a normal part of the process, but what then?
Here's the true GOAL of what you should do with your anger/emotions.
Task to complete for the end of this section
Full recap of section 2 and the Emotional Cycle ®
What's happening between your mind and your emotions?
Learn how we are 'outsmarted' by our Intellectual Selves
Why we constantly fail by letting our Emotional Selves control us
How your environment can help or hurt your success and development
Tasks to complete for the end of section 3
Full recap of section 1
Full recap of section 2
Understanding the basics for your action plan
What to do to keep your mind and your thinking in the right place
Steps to truly guiding your emotions for success
How to set up a successful environment and get friends and family to help!
BONUS: 4 Secrets that can help guarantee success!
Next step: Get started NOW!!!
Meet Anger Head on with 15 Anger Busting Techniques
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What's included

  • 25 Video Lessons
  • 2 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Temeca Richardson